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Inspired to put words on a page…

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I’ve just stumbled upon the coolest web site You have sixty seconds to write about the word they display.  It asks you not to think.  It’s really interesting to see different people’s approaches and responses.  The word today was Habitat.  I wrote:

“It was an alien habitat for a woman used to her own space. Too many people. Too much noise; she liked quiet, peace and quiet. She had to get out, get away. She picked up her things and made for the door. “

Not very poetic but not bad for 60 seconds!  Many of the responses were factual which really surprised me.  Looking back on what I have written is a frightening accurate reflection of how I have been feeling lately.  Oh great, now I have plummeted from a giddy creative high to a mother wracked with guilt low.  Great.


Two of my poems are being published!

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Yes, you heard it here first, two of my poems are being published in the national poetry quarterly ‘Current Accounts’.  The two poems are ‘It Wasn’t A Life’ and ‘Maternal Streak‘ which are both on my ‘My Poetry’ page.  Very pleased and excited!

Poetry Prompt Gives Poets Inspiration

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Your poetry, poems, haiku, villanelle, verse, lymerics and scribblings…

Check out this exciting new blog and get involved:

It’s a great way to be inspired and drive traffic to your blog.

You Are The Cauldron

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You’ve taken yourself, the cauldron

You’ve poured in spine of stress

Spleen of doubt, eye of suspicion

And let it simmer

And simmer

And simmer


You’ve cut out the tongue of communication

Dripped in dragons loneliness

Ground to a pulp tenderness

And let it simmer

And simmer

And simmer.


You’ve taken yourself, the cauldron

Carefully added bitter words

Twisted memories and spite

And let it simmer

And simmer

And simmer.


Mind you, I was the Witch that stirred the spoon.


I read this poem at Write Out Loud tonight along with ‘Bowl of Pea’s Aug 2009

Adding the words…

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I have added the words to my poem ‘It Wasn’t A Life’ underneath the video.  Please check it out on the ‘My Poetry’ page.

Favourite Poem At The Moment.

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NW McGaughey

Her glove on the seat,
(A little loss,)
She smiles at him,
The bus moves off.

This was printed in Poetry News Summer 2009 and is a members poem.  How can so much be said with so few words?  Love it.

Write Out Loud – Performance Poetry Night

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This Sunday I will be going to Write Out Loud, a poetry performance group, in Bolton.  They say on their website:

“Some people go to Lanzarote, the Bahamas or Blackpool for their summer holidays.
But for mine, I go down to the Howcroft Inn, Pool Street Bolton, where the ale is good, the sandwiches are free and the company is welcoming and wonderful…and the poetry is extra fine.
So come down to the Howcroft at 8pm this Sunday and help me enjoy my summer holiday!
All together now “We’re all going on a summ….”

I’ve read my poetry there before several times and can highly recommend this friendly group.  They are particularly welcoming to newcomers.  All you have to do is turn up before eight and say you want to read.  The evening is split in two with each poet reading a poem before and after the break.  The first time I went I was blown away by the talent.

Take a look on their website and see if there is a Write Out Loud group or other event in your area.