Ambit Magazine, have you read it?

There are so many poetry publications, the Poetry Writers Yearbook(PWY) is full of them, so which one should you subscribe to and spend your hard earned money on?  Ambit caught my eye because PWY 2008 lists Carol Ann Duffy as one of its editors, so I reasoned that this must be a highly regarded quarterly.  I wasn’t disappointed when it plopped through the letter box.  My first impression was that it felt like a quality publication, the cover had a nice thick texture to it, the font and layout has clearly been properly designed, it wasn’t flimsy.  It’s not just poetry, there are equal quantities of literature and lots of black and white illustrations throughout.  I’m half way through it and was gripped from the first page by Fred Voss’s ‘Shakespeare Worked Here’ and mesmerised by the tragic Bernadette in Satyendra Srivastava’s ‘The Dinner in the Dog’.  I’m looking forward to reading the rest and certainly consider it a magazine to aspire to be published in.


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