Inspired to put words on a page…

I’ve just stumbled upon the coolest web site You have sixty seconds to write about the word they display.  It asks you not to think.  It’s really interesting to see different people’s approaches and responses.  The word today was Habitat.  I wrote:

“It was an alien habitat for a woman used to her own space. Too many people. Too much noise; she liked quiet, peace and quiet. She had to get out, get away. She picked up her things and made for the door. “

Not very poetic but not bad for 60 seconds!  Many of the responses were factual which really surprised me.  Looking back on what I have written is a frightening accurate reflection of how I have been feeling lately.  Oh great, now I have plummeted from a giddy creative high to a mother wracked with guilt low.  Great.


4 Responses to “Inspired to put words on a page…”

  1. I like it. I’m all about solitude. I hate crowds of people. I’d be making for the door too. Very good for only 60 seconds.

  2. Alone in a crowd – often the way.

  3. That was great fun….


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