I’m back…

Hello poetry lovers.  After a hugely barren poetical period I’m back.  I felt a little fed up with it all and I allowed life and Christmas to take over, but hey, it’s a New Year full of possibilities! (Sunday Scribblings think so too!)  The following is a poem I read for the first time back in November in ‘The Arty Types Show’ in Wigan.  I am also working on another poem that I want to finish in time for Write Out Loud in Bolton on Jan 17th.  Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing.  Ages ago I sent some poems into ‘Ambit’ for consideration and I’m still waiting to hear.  I wonder if they realise what hope people pin on their reply.  Perhaps no news is good news?


This was written to be performed.  How well do you  think it reads on the page?


I’m Death


I’m death and I’m knock knock knocking at your door

Feel my touch

When you last said goodbye

Who’d think it would mean so much, so much.


Are you enjoying that drink in your hand?

Could it be your last?

Let me see you to your car

I’ll get your home real fast.


I’m the ice on the road

I’m the clot in your blood

I’m the train off the tracks

I’m the cause of the flood.

I’m the proud pavement slab

I’m the gasping for breath

I’m not learning to swim

Yeah baby I’m death.


I’m famine, tsunami, I’m earthquake, I’m fire

I’m the ember that lights the destructive bushfire.


I’m death and I’m knock knock knocking at your door

You’re on my list

When you kissed your loved one

It was the last kiss, the last kiss.


Trot along now for your fag outside

Honest I’ll leave you be

But feel that craving deep inside…

Yes, that’s me.


I’m the pain in your chest

I’m the rabid dog bite

I’m the poorly wired house

I’m the bump in the night.

I’m the disease in your liver

I’m the lump in your breast,

I’m the rot in your lung

Yeah baby, I’m death.


I’m the dead battery in your smoke detector

Sweet dreams my lovelies, I’m out to getchya.


I’m the voice in your head that says jump, jump jump…

I’m your last rasping breath

It’s been very nice to meet you

Love and kisses, Death.



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9 Responses to “I’m back…”

  1. You’ve given death a voice of its own and it’s the last voice I’d want to hear when I close my eyes. I imagine the effect would be far greater if I was to hear you actually read it. It gives the writer the opportunity to accentuate certain words and phrases that the casual reader might skim over. It was for this reason that I decided to add my own voice to several of the poems on my poetry blog. If you are interested to see what I’ve done go to http://keithspoems.blogspot.com/. My contribution to this weeks SS prompt is linked to my name.

  2. Um . . . wow. I love the jazz voice Death seems to have, at least that’s what I hear when I read it silently. The lists of things death is are intriguing. I always found death a bit friendlier, but maybe that’s because suicide was an appealing thought for me. Only once or twice, I’m to busy writing now to bother with dying, he’ll just have to wait (a bit like my husband). Anyway . . . I really like it, have no concrete suggestions for it, and look forward to reading more.

    P.S. As far as “I allowed life and Christmas to take over . . . .” I did too. I missed the writing terribly, and I can’t wait for the household to head back to school and work. 😉

  3. It works well on paper, but I can see that a particular strength would come from performance. The hard hitting truth of each line compels one to repeat it aloud. Nice.

  4. I think it’s very dramatic and your voice is clear and smooth flowing. i think it would do very well as a reading.

  5. yikes I felt like death was filing her nails, laughing at me in a bored already knows the outcome kind of way.

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