Social Slutaby

I’ve done it, I’ve even posted it!  I’ve finally managed to write a poem for the members section of Poetry News.  This is a quarterly news paper which is produced by the The Poetry Society and is sent out with ‘Poetry Review’.  I have always meant to try and either not been inspired by their theme or not had the time.  What a great start to the New Year.  This time the theme is ‘Dangerous Sports’


Social Slutaby


Vamptastic eyelids flutter,

Lead them on without a thought.

They’re all the same, it’s just a game

Not doing what you ought.


Let them massage your ego,

You’re not here to have and hold.

Work the room with your va va voom

Despite the band of gold.


They swarm like bees ‘round honey.

Shackles rise, sharp eyes of green.

A quick retreat, elude the heat,

Move on, avoid a scene.



One Response to “Social Slutaby”

  1. I like it. thanks for sharing.

    Mark Irwin

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