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I’m back…

Posted in Frustrated, My Poetry, Poetry, Writing with tags , , , , , on January 3, 2010 by sassysezzy

Hello poetry lovers.  After a hugely barren poetical period I’m back.  I felt a little fed up with it all and I allowed life and Christmas to take over, but hey, it’s a New Year full of possibilities! (Sunday Scribblings think so too!)  The following is a poem I read for the first time back in November in ‘The Arty Types Show’ in Wigan.  I am also working on another poem that I want to finish in time for Write Out Loud in Bolton on Jan 17th.  Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing.  Ages ago I sent some poems into ‘Ambit’ for consideration and I’m still waiting to hear.  I wonder if they realise what hope people pin on their reply.  Perhaps no news is good news?


This was written to be performed.  How well do you  think it reads on the page?


I’m Death


I’m death and I’m knock knock knocking at your door

Feel my touch

When you last said goodbye

Who’d think it would mean so much, so much.


Are you enjoying that drink in your hand?

Could it be your last?

Let me see you to your car

I’ll get your home real fast.


I’m the ice on the road

I’m the clot in your blood

I’m the train off the tracks

I’m the cause of the flood.

I’m the proud pavement slab

I’m the gasping for breath

I’m not learning to swim

Yeah baby I’m death.


I’m famine, tsunami, I’m earthquake, I’m fire

I’m the ember that lights the destructive bushfire.


I’m death and I’m knock knock knocking at your door

You’re on my list

When you kissed your loved one

It was the last kiss, the last kiss.


Trot along now for your fag outside

Honest I’ll leave you be

But feel that craving deep inside…

Yes, that’s me.


I’m the pain in your chest

I’m the rabid dog bite

I’m the poorly wired house

I’m the bump in the night.

I’m the disease in your liver

I’m the lump in your breast,

I’m the rot in your lung

Yeah baby, I’m death.


I’m the dead battery in your smoke detector

Sweet dreams my lovelies, I’m out to getchya.


I’m the voice in your head that says jump, jump jump…

I’m your last rasping breath

It’s been very nice to meet you

Love and kisses, Death.



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Inspired to put words on a page…

Posted in Creative, Writing with tags , on August 25, 2009 by sassysezzy

I’ve just stumbled upon the coolest web site You have sixty seconds to write about the word they display.  It asks you not to think.  It’s really interesting to see different people’s approaches and responses.  The word today was Habitat.  I wrote:

“It was an alien habitat for a woman used to her own space. Too many people. Too much noise; she liked quiet, peace and quiet. She had to get out, get away. She picked up her things and made for the door. “

Not very poetic but not bad for 60 seconds!  Many of the responses were factual which really surprised me.  Looking back on what I have written is a frightening accurate reflection of how I have been feeling lately.  Oh great, now I have plummeted from a giddy creative high to a mother wracked with guilt low.  Great.