Maternal Streak

You should have seen this girl

Half naked on a wintery night

I bet her mother didn’t let her out the house

Looking such a sight.


Tottering down the street

Skinny flesh in lamp lit glow

Where had she been? Where was she going?

I really didn’t know.


So I pulled over in my car

It was the decent thing to do

Wound down the window and offered a lift

Well I’m a mother too.


Her skirt road up on her skinny thighs

“Don’t you have a coat to keep you warm?”

And she tutted, yes she tutted

And looked at me with scorn.


So there she was this rapist dream

Ungrateful of my 4 x 4

A child with painted piss hole eyes

Aspiring little whore.


To tut at me when all I did was ask if she had a coat.

Well you should have seen her face

When I took my knife and slit her throat.


Thank heavens for the travel rug

It saved another steam clean bill

And wrapped in that she looked quiet sweet,

Much younger and so still.


So she was my first but not my last,

I saw it as mission,

We all have a place in life,

Mine cleansing the social condition.


And guilt? No guilt,

Don’t be absurd

I should win a prize

I’ll save your children from cheap white trash,

All flesh and piss hole eyes.



(This is being published in the national quarterly ‘Current Accounts’.)


4 Responses to “Maternal Streak”

  1. well. i didn’t see that coming!!

  2. yikes! Awesome…but…YIKES!

  3. sarah hollingbery Says:


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